Meru Walk Flag-Off

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Involving the Students

Ivory Belongs to Elephants Kicks Off at Meru

KWS support for Meru Walk

Lets Walk for Elephants

Jim and Anthony head to Naivasha-Mt- longonot in the background

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Jim Nyamu giving a presentation
Dr Kagiri Talking to people...
Photo Taking ...,
Educating the Public
Educating the Public...

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  • Who we are

    The Elephant Neighbors Centre is a grassroots collaborative and participatory research organizations focusing on enhancing the capacity of communities living with wildlife to promote inter linkages between species and their habitats.


    Engage and win local communities good will in elephant conservation by creating a more coexistence space for elephants.

    We are currently doing education and awareness camapign through walking and talking. This grass-root campaign includes holding community meetings along the route and conservation talks in schools and showing conservation films. So far we have walked 4,474km in Kenya and in the USA more photos are available on  Through this campaign walk we have held 610 community meetings in different parts of the county but maintaining elephant ranges, have walked with over 400 schools secondary and primary. 

    We are now rolling out a mobile education program in most of the areas we have walked , this walk intiative is now supported by H.E Margaret Kenyatta, Kenya Wildlife Service, County Commissioners  and most of the wildlife conservation Agencies. Other collaboraters includes corporates such as Nakumatt Holdings and Galleria Mall Managements who have helped us  in selling our items that support the campaign.


    Our Main focus is in Kenya

  • Report an Incident

    Noticed a distressed Elephant or need advice? Call us straight away on 0723 398190

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